Infinite Third

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Infinite Third is vibin'.

Infinite Third is a one person musical experience broadcasting good vibes from Atlanta, GA. The person behind Infinite Third is Billy Mays III and the type of music he creates I suppose could be boiled down to post-rock. However, describing his music with a basic genre label doesn't quite work. Because what Billy Mays III creates is quite frankly, spiritual.

You can catch Infinite Third live streaming on Twitch multiple times a week and only then can you somewhat begin to appreciate the music. It's something special. Why? Well, when you tune in you see him sitting on the floor as if he's meditating and willing the music into existence with only his mind. But, that's not what makes it special. Then you see the gear in a circle around him such as effects, a looper, pads and keyboard. But, that's not what makes it special. Could it be the beats he adds with his mouth and a mic? No, that alone isn't it either. Maybe it's the way the ethereal ambisonic sounds slowly build until they become almost sentient? No. It's not that either... it's all of it. It's a combination of all of that and more which creates a truly special musical experience.

When he's not live looping on Twitch, Billy is recording masterpieces for an album or EP. It all started in 2009 with his release called, Gently. There are some spectacular, beautiful guitar and ambient electronic tracks on this album. In between he released many other albums and EPs and most recently released an energetic and powerful EP called, Never Better. You can hear his music continue to evolve and grow with every release as if it's truly alive.

This aliveness, happiness, and many times simply calm that comes with Infinite Third may be due to the spiritual influences you can see and hear. There's a clear Buddhism and Hinduism vibe laced throughout. Just as meditation helps to bring you to the present, calm you, and focus on what truly matters, so does the music of Infinite Third.

Even the artist name has this spiritual influence. On his website's about page it says this about what Infinite Third means:

"Billy Mays III chose his moniker Infinite Third to represent an inner duality. 'Infinite' being the part that’s connected to greater consciousness. ‘Third’ representing the human element. It follows that his endless layers of ethereal guitar, primal beats, and pulsing drones act as conduit for something greater than the sum of their parts."

Infinite Third is vibin'.

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