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If you have ever considered getting into metal music, Messa is a good gateway band.

If you have ever considered getting into metal music, Messa is a good gateway band. They have been around since 2014 and in early 2022 they released a new album titled, Close. On their Bandcamp page, they mention that the members come from a variety of musical backgrounds. This makes sense since this isn't your typical metal.

Messa's music isn't just pedal to the metal, screaming all of the time, traditional metal. There's nothing wrong with traditional metal, but again if you're someone who tends to not like this genre, Messa leans more towards hard rock with classic rock vibes as well. One might get Led Zeppelin vibes here and there as one example.

The vocals are beautiful and as I've already read elsewhere, "haunting." I hate to overuse that word but the vocals do have a dark and haunting feel. It's also more traditional singing versus yelling or screaming. It's a pleasing mix at times of heavy, fast guitar and drums, yet mellow, slower vocals.

When they want to kick it into high gear they do, and in a musical way. There are still dynamics and intricacies versus straight thrashing. And, they will also slow it down, yet the tone is still somehow metal. At the end of the day, describe it how you want, but it's just good music played by very talented musicians. This fact shines through the darkness which makes this a perfect band if you want to dip your toes into metal. Or, if you already love metal then it's another great metal band to add to your music library (of course, they are likely already there).

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