Metric System

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Calming ambient droning from a game designer in Germany.

Metric System is ambient music from Michael Schacht from Germany who has been creating music since the early 1980s. Through his Bandcamp you can listen to his earliest releases which were originally put out on cassette. Around 2020 he started to create new tracks and has been releasing some of them as recently as this year (2022).

It's all very lovely. It'll be hard to find a track that you don't like if you enjoy ambient electronic music. A lot of it is your typical droning/ambient type music but also mixed in are just everyday natural sounds such as a train, footsteps, and other interesting sounds (especially in his early recordings).

Besides music, it seems Michael's main passion is creating games. From his retro personal website, you'll find that he has created card games, board games, and other types of games. Some of which have won awards and/or been voted most popular in various countries. In 2007 his game Zooloretto was game of the year. It's a board game where each player is the owner of a zoo and must collect animals in order to attract visitors.

Here's one of his recent releases.

Updated on 4 September, 2022


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