The Weege

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Improv, post-rock, jam band music from Brooklyn, New York.

There's not a lot of information out there about this next band being featured. But, the music is so good; they must be promoted. The only information found so far is what's on their Bandcamp page. This at least tells you that they are based out of Brooklyn, New York, they create improv music, and they call themselves, The Weege.

The members of The Weege are guitarist Matt DeSteno, bassist Devin Lavery and drummer/percussionist Luigi Gennaro. Just today, December 18, 2022, they released an album called Searchlights.

All tracks, except "Enossification," were recorded live at Coffee Haus Studios in Freehold, NJ on 10/15/2022. These tracks were engineered by Benjamin Feldman. "Enossification" was recorded live at Battalion Studios in Brooklyn, NY on 10/13/2022.

The album is truly a journey with a mixture of early 2000s alternative rock, classic rock, jazz, funk, and of course, improvisation. Or, in short, post-rock improv. The musicianship these folks have is obvious. They sound absolutely incredible, and interesting. It's not your basic pop or rock. Your ears and brain will constantly be like, "Oh, cool!." And, "I wasn't expecting that."

This new (and I assume only) album is perfect as background music, intense listening music, or anything in between music. If you like good old rock, classic rock, jam bands, and a little experimentation, you'll love The Weege.

Updated on 18 December, 2022


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