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Frequently asked questions

How many pages and stuff can I create?

You get everything you need to hit the ground vibin' hard.

  • 1 customizable vibin' links page
  • 25 shortened links
  • 3 projects
  • 3 pixels
  • 3 QR codes
  • Analytics

How can I upgrade?

Slow and steady wins the race. Right now we are only offering additional options to creators. We are a small operation. If we continue to grow we may be able to open this up more so keep supporting us and tell a friend. If you are a creator (musician, artist, crafter, writer) you may email [email protected], provide a link showing what you create, and tell us how you'll be using vibin.link. We'll review and get back to you.

I have a question.

Email [email protected] or try out our Discord chat server.